Recycling solutions

Thermal catalysis for the recycling of "inseparable" materials


Thermal catalysis with TiO2 is a dry, chemical process in which all organic components of the material to be processed are converted into water and CO2 and only the metallic and inorganic substances remain and are then easy to separate.

Working principle

The decomposition is based on thermal catalysis (at approx. 500 °C) using titanium oxide. The material to be treated (waste, dirty metal parts,...) is moved in the “TIO2 bath”. All organic substances are completely converted into water and CO2. All metallic parts as well as inorganic substances such as glass remain for further processing.

Areas of application



e.g. mobile phones, electronic waste, carbon fibers, coated sheets, rice chaff and hospital waste

Cleaning of metal parts

Recycling examples

Recycling of carbon fibers

Cleaning of metal parts